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I write about the interface between science, technology and society. My work has appeared in The Atlantic, the New York Times, Nature, New Scientist, the Guardian and many other outlets.

MATTER, launching late 2012
The new home for the best writing about the future

Meet the new boss, The Atlantic, 10/11
Second Life’s creator wants to rewire how businesses are run

Brain donors, New Scientist, 06/11
To make machines truly smart, maybe they need to reach out to humans for help 

Let slip the maths of war, The Economist, 03/11
Warfare seems to obey mathematical rules. Can soliders make use of them?

My Boss Is A Robot, ongoing blog
Can journalism be crowdsourced? We're trying...

Cellphone meltdown, Washington Post, 11/10
Our love of smartphones is slowing cellphone
networks to a crawl

Las Vegas: a Tea party town, Prospect, 10/10
Wonder what America would look like with the Tea party in charge? Try visiting Las Vegas

The many voices of the web, The Economist, 03/10
Can computer translation services break down the web's linguistic barriers?

Conquering the world, New Scientist, 6/10
Should we welcome Facebook's relentless expansion?

Beetle mania, The Atlantic, 01/10 
Has an avant-garde composer discovered the solution to an insect epidemic?

The Nobels need a facelift, New Scientist, 09/09
Ten prominent scientists, working exclusively with New Scientist, outline a new vision for the Nobel prizes 

Learning to talk, NY Times Sunday Magazine, 12/08
New translation technology brings about an Arabic-English social network

How Merck made a killing, Prospect, 11/08
Did a rush for profits cause a pharmaceutical giant to ignore the dangers associated with a best-selling drug?

Death statistics, NY Times Sunday Magazine, 02/08
An obscure statistical technique is helping shed light on forgotten conflicts

Worth every penny, New Scientist, 11/07
Paying people to stay off drugs could save us all money in the long run

Encyclopaedias go head to head, Nature, 12/05
An exclusive survey finds that the accuracy of Wikipedia approaches that of Encyclopaedia Britannica

The dustiest place on Earth, Nature, 04/05
On assignment in rural Chad. Winner, Best Feature, 2005 Association of British Science Writers Awards.

New Scientist narrated graphic, 09/09

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